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Name : Manlin Huang (
Date : 2017-11-27
Hello ~

  last week you said that, my parcel would arrived in last week.But we didn't receive .So can you give me the tracking number? So i can know the process of my order.

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Dear customer,

Your package is in international shipping company now.

But I got a message from international shipping company.
They said The total price is over USD300.
So It is possible that the custom in china will returned to us directly!
That's why they did not send your package yet.

If it is okay, We will change the value to below USD 100 then send to you.

But After we change the value, If the item was missed or lost in delivery, The shipping company will refund only below USD 100
Please confirm us.

So sorry to confused you.
Have a great day.
Best regards