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Name : Alexander Bettencourt (
Date : 2018-05-21

I just placed an order (transaction ID is 1MC73734NM084380J) and it says that it will be shipped to 28 Westhampton Way, Richmond, VA 23173, however this is not the correct address.
I entered those details under the "USER DETAILS" (my details) but I entered the address I want the items shipped to under the "ADDRESS INFO".

I would like the items shipped to the following address:

Julien Bettencourt
Peterborough Court 133 Fleet Street
United Kingdom
+44 02077746504
+44 02077746504 

Please DO NOT ship to the United States address, ship them to the United Kingdom address or I will not be able to receive them (I am not currently in the United States)

Thank you

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Andersson Bell
Dear ,
This is Sangwook from Andersson Bell.

I changed the address.
Thank you.