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2017 . 11 . 06 - 2017 . 11 . 30
Andersson Bell Dosan Park Store
38, Seolleung-ro 153-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
Andersson Bell introduces collaborative project with an artist Le Dongil of Creative Studio Unravel, where managed to design their first flagship store in Seoul.

Creative Studio Unravel is a multidisciplinary design studio, with a group of 10 young designers and artists.
Quality outcomes are created through ten different aspects and identities, balanced all properly.

Ledongil, a creative director of Studio Unravel puts himself as an artist, furniture and interior designer.
In this exhibition, he challenges and reinterprets the idea of limited range of fashion and combines with contemporary art.

The exhibition is held from November 6 until November 30, 2017.
Scraps of dirty unfinished metal seem dull and useless, like such unstable
beings that don't know what they are for.
Things all start as a mere nothing. Nevertheless, it is often asked to give a meaning
to those as if they would have existed for what they were.

I collected some rocks on a street and painted them nicely in red,
hoping to make them seemingly worth however, soon enough,
I realised that I gave them a mere embellishment rather than a vitality of its own.

The book 'The Origin of Beauty' by German biologist Josef H. Reichhoff explores
that it is an instinct for survival trying to retain beauty for the reason of reproduction.
It seems to me that the entity instinctively perceives to be 'beautiful'.

Perhaps fashion is an act that started from such an instinct. Clothing,
simply originated to protect a body is developing into the field of fashion.

As it gets more aesthetically superior and complementary, the realm
of today's fashion breaks the boundary of clothing and extends to the
field of cosmetics, health, fragrance and further, art and space.

However, the instinctive act toward the beauty almost seems to be fierce.

It has to be perceived that we might have approached the distorted fashion
by getting rid of the essence, while we pursued the beauty of ourselves.
The reason the painted rocks from the street do not look valuable is
because the nature of the rock may as well be covered by the paint.